Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lamborghini Aventador : Beauty within beast

Lamborghini has been ruling the market for many years not in terms of top speed, its top price but its sheer luxury and design it has brought to the world from countach to murcielago which have been in assembly line for a decade and have brought fame and fortune to the company than any other car in the automobile world. I know this car had been released way back in 2011 but it is still new and bold & beautiful for me to write a review about this car...
Lamborghini released some limited edition cars like Reventon and Estoque but they did not bring them enough success as the Aventador... but the design is taken from reventon but the design is the most aerodyanmic in the world..
Numerous awards have been given to this cars
TOP GEARS'S Hypercar of the year
Best car in the Middle east auto show...etc
I think everyone watches top gear and them giving Aventador hypercar of the year is just a small them.

Specifications :

Engine - This car is said to be the last V12 engine to be ever produced as per the european unions decision. It produces 650bhp  and has a 6.5 litre engine 

Displacement6,498 cc (396.5 cu in)
Max. power700 PS (510 kW; 690 bhp) @ 8,250 rpm
Power to weight432 PS (318 kW; 426 bhp) per tonne
Max. torque690 N·m (510 lb·ft) @ 5,500 rpm
CO2 emissions398 g/km
Combined fuel consumption17.2 L/100 km (16.4 mpg-imp; 13.7 mpg
This info is taken from wikipedia..

Performance :

This really matters because the top speed and accleration are counted as the key things which a car needs to show itself
0-62mph : 2.9 seconds
1/4 mile : 10.6 seconds@214km/h
top speed : 217mph or 354 km/h.

Review : 

This car wasn't my favourite untill i watched Megafacotories which showcased the manufacturing of aventador and when i played Need for speed : most wanted the handling the accleration the design flawed me from making this my no.1 car next to Buggati veyron super sport.
The cost this mean machine is 255,000 in europe , £201,990 in U.K and $387,000 in the U.S

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